The remark on the colour of women exposed true colours of our politicians in Parliament. Three days days after the media reported the alleged sexist and racist comment of Janata Dal (United) chief Sharad Yadav, Rajya Sabha members attempted to distance themselves from what he said. On Friday men present in Rajya Sabha, including the Chair, had a hearty laugh when Yadav was regaling the House with his nonsensical speech completely out of context to the Insurance Law (amendment) Bill that he was to speak on.”The body of women from south is as good as beautiful they are. They (women) in our region are not that good as those (in south) know dancing,” Yadav had said in Rajya Sabha during a debate on Insurance Bill on Friday.Despite severe criticism, the adamant Yadav remained unapologetic. Instead on Monday, he quoted his socialist guru Ram Manohar Lohia and justified his comment. This time Union HRD minister Smriti Irani came on theline of fire.BJP MP Ravi Shankar Prasad, who was seen laughing at Yadav’s remarks on Friday, woke up on Monday to realise his mistake and asked the JD(U) veteran to withdraw his statement. “I dissociate myself from those remarks. I completely disassociate and disapprove of the remarks… I appeal to Sharad Yadav to kindly withdraw his comments,” Prasad said.Yadav defended his remark and said, “What have I said … ‘saanvli’ (dark complexioned) women are more in number in India, they are more in number the world over. I am ready to debate with anyone on the struggle of (Ram Manohar) Lohia and others for them.”On Friday Yadav’s statement was splitting the House into laughter. While other members were apparently enjoying Yadav’s comments, DMK MP Kanimozhi was the sole voice protesting against Yadav’s remarks.On Monday, it was Smriti Irani who stood up and appealed to Yadav, not to comment on the complexion of women. With hands folded, Irani said, “I appeal to you to not pass any comment on anyone’s skin colour. You area senior member of the House and there is a very wrong message going outside.” Irani’s reaction drew another callous reaction from Yadav who opened a personal attack and taking a jibe on Irani’s acting career, he said, “I know what you are.”As other MPs joined in, deputy chairman P J Kurien said he would not allow a discussion on the issue. “I am not allowing any discussion … white or dark colour, it is all the same,” he said.This is not the first time that Yadav has made a poor remark on women. In 2013 during the debate in Parliament over Women’s Reservation Bill, Yadav had addressed women as ‘par kati mahilayein’ (short-haired women). Opposing the passage of the Bill, Yadav had then said, “I will consume poison and die here but not allow the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill.””I don’t think I am the only one who has protested. In Parliament, of course, I raised an objection and so many others have raised their voice against this outside Parliament. Many MPs have also expressed their concern and they have questioned it,” said DMK MP Kanimozhi. Kanimozhi also disapproved of the practice of discussing women in a lighter way. CPM Politburo member and women’s rights activist Brinda Karat demanded a code of conduct against the MPs. “He is not the only male member having made such a comment. It is time to name and shame them. Parliament should adopt a code of conduct and ensure that such incidents do not happen again in future.” What they said”What have I said … ‘saanvli’ (dark complexioned) women are more in number in India, they are more in number the world over. I am ready to debate with anyone on the struggle of (Ram Manohar) Lohia and others for them,”Sharad Yadav, JD(U) leader

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Sharad Yadav’s remark on women exposes MPs’ true colours