With equation between cops and anti-graft body deteriorating the result may be an irreparable trust deficit

A file pic of Delhi Police personnel being briefed

As the Aam Aadmi Party government on Saturday approached the high court to issue directions to restrain LG- appointee MK Meena from entering the offices of anti-corruption bureau, signs of cracks within the ranks of Delhi police have begun to show, setting off a dangerous precedent. According to highly placed government sources, police officials – both retired and currently serving, are contacting the ACB to report incidents of corruption committed by the Delhi police in the past as well as the ones happening now. With the equation between police and the anti-graft body continuously deteriorating, if in future action against cops, based on the complaints, is taken by the ACB, the development may result in an irreparable trust deficit not only between the two departments but with the Delhi police as well. This is at least what police officials and some opposition leaders have come to believe.<!– Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –> “This month alone, two police officials (including a retired officer) wrote to the Delhi government about instances of corruption and high handedness by the Delhi police naming some senior police officials. The ACB has been contacted by several other officials who want to come forward and report about the wrongdoings happening in the Delhi police,” said the government official. Earlier this month a retired police officer met Arvind Kejriwal and handed the CM a complaint accusing MK Meena, Joint Commissioner of Police (New Delhi) , of being involved in corruption of Rs 20 lakhs in what he termed as the ‘curtain purchase scam’. Rajan Bhagat, PRO, Delhi Police told dna that the complaint was an attempt to ” assassinate character of an honest officer of the Delhi police”. “The retired officer is talking about a 10 year old case which in which Mr Meena’s name was given clearance after by both the police department and Ministry of Home affairs following a thorough inquiry,” Bhagat said. However this week again Inspector Jagmender Dahiya, posted at the Begumpur police station, filed the complaint against SHO Rajendra Kumar, accusing him of collaborating with local hawala operators and accepting bribes. Situation turned even uglier when government- nominated Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) chief S S Yadav accused Meena of threatening and pressuring him. With more complaints to follow, the situation, according to some opposition party leaders, is becoming grim. “This is undoubtedly damaging the reputation of both ACB and Police department in the long run and the only person to be blame for this is Mr Arvind Kejriwal himself,” said Vijender Gupta BJP MLA. He however did add that the state BJP will approach MK Meena, and not Yadav, to register a complaint about a scam related to admissions of MBBS students in a Delhi based University. Meanwhile the situation at the ACB office is also not looking good amidst reports of a confrontation between an SHO and SS Yadav over the possession of FIR’ copies. While Yadav denied a confrontation taking place inside the ACB office he did say that the work of the anti graft body will take a hit if the status quo is maintained by which he meant that MK Meena will continue to report to the LG while he himself will report to the Directorate of Vigilance.

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