Kolkata: Recommending students to come in “unostentatious dress”, Kolkata’s Scottish Church College has proscribed round-neck t-shirts and short and slit skirts, sparking off condemnation from students and academicians.

“Clothing worn to the college should reflect the seriousness and importance of the learning environment. Therefore, students’ attire is expected to be based on modesty, neatness and safety on the campus,” reads a notice put up by the college authorities which has drawn immediate protests.

Image courtesy: http://www.scottishchurch.ac.in/Image courtesy: http://www.scottishchurch.ac.in/

Image courtesy: http://www.scottishchurch.ac.in/

Besides banning captions/writings on t-shirts or tops, the notice says only full-length trousers and “skirts well below knee length without slits” should be worn to college.

“Salwar kameez and sarees should be worn properly,” reads the notice which also bans round-neck t-shirts and prohibits boys from sporting earrings or studs.

Claiming that the dress code has been imposed on them without any kind of consultation, a section of students said they will launch an agitation on Monday.

Educationists and activists too have slammed the decision.

“This is clear infringement of the students’ liberty. Such a diktat reflects the college’s authoritarian attitude,” said educationist Pabitra Sarkar.

“In this age, issuing a diktat on college students about their attire is uncalled for,” said activist Miratun Nahar.



Students slam Kolkata college diktat on dress code: Scottish Church College bans short skirts, round-neck t-shirts