Days after Delhi police said that Sunanda Pushkar was murdered and registered a FIR in the matter, her husband MP Shashi Tharoor has finally broken his silence.In a press conference addressed from Thrissur, former Union Minister Tharoor said that he is completely taken aback after Delhi police came to the aforesaid conclusion. He accused the media of sensationalism and said that some people are trying to ascribe motive to his silence. Tharoor however said that he doesn’t wish to engage in public debate regarding details of the case. Justifying his silence so far, Tharoor said that he didn’t want to undermine or compromise the ongoing investigation. He said that he has written a letter to the Delhi Police Commissioner and has highlighted several issues in it. It may be recalled that Tharoor had written a letter in November last year to the Delhi Police Commissioner accusing that police is trying to frame him and his staff in the case. Expressing concerns in similar line Tharoor said that he is concerned about the way probe has been done so far. Congress MP said that there shouldn’t be any political pressure and no pre determined outcome should be fixed. MP said that he and his staff are willing to completely cooperate with the police probe. He said that media should show some human decency while reporting in this matter. Shortly after the short press conference, Shashi Tharoor tweeted..

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Sunanda Pushkar case: No political pressure should influence probe, says Shashi Tharoor