Getting harassed on Facebook is nothing new. Like any other social media platform, Facebook (even more so, considering the number of users) is laden with trolls.

The offensive Facebook post. Twitter @Nk3010NehaThe offensive Facebook post. Twitter @Nk3010Neha

The offensive Facebook post. Twitter @Nk3010Neha

But often the most popular strategy opted by the users is to ignore the harasser .

Not this woman.

A Facebook response by a women to her harasser went viral on the internet when she stood up to him threatening legal recourse.

Prerna Pratham Singh received a message from Raushan Kumar asking if she had a vagina. Yes, you read that right.

Rather than ignoring the offensive message or blocking, she decided to publicly humiliate him.


The Facebook post.

Within hours, Singh posted this on her Facebook profile. The post drew a huge support and, as of writing this article, got more than 47000 likes and 6500 shares.

Her supporters also include Dr. Muktesh Chander, Special Commissioner Traffic Police Delhi who openly urged her to file an FIR against Kumar, reports the Indian Express.

Kumar later posted on his Facebook page that his account was hacked and asked people to ignore any messages from him. Yes, we too find it hard to digest.

Read the original post with comments here.

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Tell your wife she has my sympathy: Social media lauds this woman’s public humiliation of Facebook harasser