Intelligence agencies have warned of a possible hijack of Delhi-Kabul flight by terrorists.According to reports, the input given by the agency are quite specific and also mentions that an Air India flight could be targeted.Agencies have alerted airlines and security around airports have been tightened.Reports also suggest that the hijack could be similar to the 1999 hijack of IC 814 Kandahar.The warning comes a day after an anonymous telephone call threatening that an Air India plane would be hijacked was made to the city office of the state-owned carrier this evening, police said.A senior Kolkata police official had said it was a brief call in Bengali threatening that an Air India flight would be hijacked. The official, however, did not specify which flight would be targeted.The Bureau of Civil Aviation has been contacted and all standard precautionary measures have been taken. Flight operation is normal from Kolkata,” the spokesperson has said.

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Terrorists may hijack Delhi-Kabul Air India flight, warn security agencies