The entire country was sad when Team India’s brilliant run of seven consecutive wins in the 2015 World Cup came to an end in the semi-final match against Australia.

Ram Gopal Varma got trolled on Twitter for saying he was happy with India's defeat. IBNLive

Ram Gopal Varma got trolled on Twitter for saying he was happy with India’s defeat. IBNLive

However, if you thought that it was not possible for any person to claim to be happy about Team India’s defeat, filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma made sure that you were proved wrong.

In a series of scathing tweets, Varma not only expressed his ‘happiness’ due to India’s defeat and his hatred of cricket but also went to the extent of saying that Indians suffered from a disease called ‘cricketitis’. He even took a dig at Virat Kohli as he said, “I personally like Anushka Sharma’s performance much much More than the performance of whoever and whatever her boyfriend is?”

His tweets obviously attracted a lot of criticism but that did not seem to affect Varma as he tweeted, “I love haters because hate is more spicier (sic) than love.”

Here is the series of Varma’s controversial tweets:

However, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abullah trolled Varma on Twitter and took a dig at Varma’s flop movies in the recent years when he sarcastically said, “No wonder your movies are such block buster hits all the time.”


Trolled! Omar Abdullah takes down Ram Gopal Varma after he tweets he’s happy India lost