After the gang-rape incident, the state government in 2014 had said that it would take over the mill compound

It’s almost two years since a call centre employee and a photojournalist were brutally gangraped at the Shakti Mills compound in the city. There was public outcry and considerable media attention, given that until then Mumbai was considered as a safe city for women. This, despite the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) report – 2013, stating that Mumbai has the most number of reported rape cases in large cities in India after New Delhi.After the gang-rape incident, the state government in 2014 had said that it would take over the mill compound. But when dna visited the compound last week, it looked as deserted as it did two years ago. Although boundary walls have been built around the mill compound on all four sides, including the area from where you can enter the mills from the railway tracks, one can enter the compound easily without anyone asking too many questions.<!– Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –> An eerie feelingAlthough there were two cabins for security, the one watchman we saw was fast asleep and did not even stir when a pack of dogs began barking at us. As we looked around the mill compound, there was no visible light, not even inside the outer cabin.Before entering the mill compound, we saw a few taxi drivers entering the compound to attend nature’s call and coming out quickly. We then realised that it was easy to enter the premises.On further exploring the compound, our photographer discovered a used syringe put inside a plastic bag. Also spotted was a recently doused fire, and washed utensils dumped on the ground.The initial feeling we had was that if it was this easy to enter a deserted mill compound, chances of crime in these premises also remain high, despite the land belonging to the state government. Not taking chancesOn asking a few shopkeepers on the security inside the mills, they said there are lights that are switched on during the evening, adding that police officers would regularly patrol the area. They even cautioned us from entering the compound, saying that the last person who entered was arrested for trespassing.Some of these locals were even taken to the police station for questioning when the 2012 gang-rape happened. “We had no idea that someone was raped. The police, however, took no chances and took us in for questioning,” said one of them. What the cops say?”We will call the owner of the place and check with him, what kind of arrangements have been made for the security of the area,” said S Jayakumar, deputy commissioner of police (DCP) – zone III, He added further, “Our people continuously take rounds of the place and keep a check in the area.”


Two years since gangrape, Shakti Mills premises still prone to crime