The Central Information Commission has directed the Urban Development Ministry to make public all records related to allotment of land and bungalows to political parties and upload these details on its website.It also ordered the ministry to transfer queries related to naming of RJD headquarters as “Rabri Bhavan” to the Lalu Prasad-led political party.”The Commission directs the Central Public Information Officer to publish all documents/correspondence/guidelines and circulars, to all registered political parties, on the Respondent Authority (MoUD) website, within four weeks of receipt of this order, under intimation to the Commission,” said Information Commissioner Yashovardhan Azad.The Commissioner directed that the order must be marked to Secretary, Urban Development Ministry.The case relates to queries raised by activist Subhash Agrawal who wanted to know from the ministry about naming of new Rashtriya Janata Dal headquarters at Rouse Avenue as “Rabri Bhavan” to which party leader Nawal Kishore Rai had raised objections.Agrawal had first approached the party for information but when it did not provide him any, he approached the ministry as it was also the custodian of this information.The ministry said it has no records to show that Rai had expressed any dissent on the issue. Agrawal also wanted to know from the ministry on allotment or lease of land to RJD by Bihar government at Patna or any other state.The ministry had said in its response that “No accommodation has been provided to RJD in New Delhi.” The commissioner said information on allotment of land in Patna can be transferred to Bihar government for replying while on naming of RJD headquarters, issue should be referred to the party.

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Upload assets of political parties on website: Central Information Commission to Urban Development Ministry