Security expert Praful Bakshi said here on Tuesday U.S. State Department giving clean chit on not organizing any terrorist activities is a farfetched idea and is a case of over stretched imagination.”The question is Kerry Lugar Act has already recommended that grand plans of giving them billions of dollars in the forthcoming, less than a decade. This aspect of providing Pakistan with funds after getting clean chit that they are not organizing any terrorist activities and they are doing their level best to curb the terrorist activities within the country and with neighbouring countries, I think this is a quiet farfetched idea and is over stretched imagination. The correct thing is that the things are going on,” Bakshi said.”So, one does not has to give much weight to Kerry. But, the question is that it is happening in America. America is saying that Jen Psaki has not approved of it. It means that the thing is in channel and it is there in their governmental policy process,” he added.The security expert also said that America is not clear on its stand.”This is what innerves everybody that America is not very clear, or has at least not made its position very clear as where it stands,” he said.”At one point America says we are against terrorism, we curb terrorism and they have suffered themselves. But, yes, when it comes to their own advantage then they are in double minds, because they want to keep Pakistan within their area of action. They want to keep it appeased because they want further step into Afghanistan,” he added.Bakshi’s response come after the State Department in the United States denied Pakistan’s reports that the U.S. Congress had cleared 532 million dollars to Pakistan on the Kerry Lugar Act that needs certification on action against the Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad.State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki said here that no certification has been sought for funds to Pakistan, and no funds had been disbursed since 2013.Secretary of State John Kerry has not issued any certificate to the Congress on the progress made by Pakistan in taking action against terrorist groups, Psaki stated further on Monday.Psaki, however, added that there are a number of ways under which the US provides financial aid to Pakistan. Earlier in Delhi, the Ministry of External Affairs had reacted strongly over the reported certification that cleared the aid to Pakistan. The spokesman, however, said, it is entirely the prerogative of the US to decide how to spend its taxpayers money.

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US giving clean chit to Pakistan on organizing terrorist activities is far stretched idea, says security expert