Companies including state-run SAIL on Wednesday committed to invest over Rs 93,000 crore in West Bengal, while Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said total commitments would exceed Rs one lakh crore during the ongoing two-day Global Business Summit. She, however, refused to draw any comparison with the Vibrant Gujarat summit, which typically gets huge investment pledges.Banerjee said that the two states were different and the Gujarat event had an advantage because Prime Minister Narendra Modi came from that state. On the first day of West Bengal Global Business Summit, investors committed Rs 41,600 crore in ports sector, while Rs 12,000 crore has been pledged for mining projects. Another Rs 40,000 crore worth investment pledge came today from SAIL, Banerjee said.”It will exceed Rs 1,00,000 crore,” Banerjee said on Wednesday on the first day of the two-day summit. Describing the summit as “positive and constructive throughout”, the chief minister said a lot companies have committed to invest in money into the state. SAIL’s investment announcement came a day after a 3900-acre land issue being resolved in the state.However, Banerjee refused to compare the Bengal summit with the Vibrant Gujarat event, which would start on January 11.”We can’t compare the two summits. The Prime Minister is from their state, so that is a big advantage for them. Gujarat is always developed. They don’t have to repay debts like we do. So, let Gujarat play their own role and let us Bengal play our own role. We want development for both,” she said.

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West Bengal gets Rs 93,600 crore investment pledge on first day of Summit