Bhagat got into an argument with Twitter users. Again.

Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat and Twitter controversy are almost synonymous with each other now. India’s bestselling novelist has never shied away from giving his views on the burning issue of the day but in the process often gets ‘burned’ by Twitter users with dissenting opinions.Something similar happened on Saturday, when Bhagat expressed his opinion on the newly given diktat by the AAP government to restrict plying of commercial vehicles in the road to curb pollution. The government has decided that cars with odd and even number plates will ply on alternate days. Bhagat effectively lampooned the decision, terming it ‘draconian’, ‘undemocratic’ and something that can’t be implemented. He also said that at a time when economic growth is the need of the hour, this decision will go against it. <!– Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>This is what he said,Taking a jibe at AAP supporters, Bhagat said,Tried to brush aside perception of being pro-BJP, Bhagat said,’CAT question’- Hat tip to MBA days? What followed was barrage of tweets attacking him. AAP leader Kumar Vishwas said-And the rest followed.Ek teer, do nishana SoBo Bhagat? Not sure if this is the best logic to counter Bhagat though.Sambit- the eternal whipping boy Aggression unlimited.Burn! IIM education getting questioned because of BhagatThis particular Twitter user was just brutal .No half-measures here.Last but not the least.Bhagat tried to counter by replying to some of the trolling. All in a day for Chetan Bhagat! So who do you think won, Bhagat or his trolls?


When Chetan Bhagat got trolled for commenting on #DelhiOddEvenLogic