The Tomb of Khan Shahid in Mehrauli Archaeological Park  in Saket, New Delhi has had a mysterious visitor recently, and neither the DDA or Archaeological Survey of India wants to take credit for its newly white-washed walls.

According to this report by TOI, the smaller monuments around the area have also been encroached upon. There are 60 monuments in total in the 200-acre sprawling Mehrauli land, and this octagonal monument was originally brown in colour. The tomb, made of stone, is inscribed with Persian calligraphy.


The tomb before its whitewashing. Image from Wikipedia.

On the current whitewashed walls, Delhi Waft Board  has been written in black, however an official from the board has no idea who could be behind it. “We didn’t send any painter to this site. But if it is Delhi Wakf Board property then we have the right over it and repair work can be carried out,”  Rana Siddique, chairperson, Delhi Wakf Board, told Times of India.

Even the DDA washed their hands off the issue, while ASI was clueless about the monument’s status, Times of India reported.

It seems nobody wants to answer the most important question:  Who white-washed the tomb?


Who let the painter out? 14th century monument in Delhi mysteriously whitewashed