On August 2, Empire State building showcased a combination of pictures to bring awareness about endangered animals.

Image courtesy: Android Jones’ Facebook page

Goddess Kali took over New York’s Empire State Building as part of an artwork exhibition called Projecting Change by filmmaker Louie Psihoyos to raise awarness about the need to conserve endangered animals safe. The Hindu goddess is known as the goddess of time, change, power and destruction. The portrait displayed on New York’s iconic building was designed by artist Android Jones.
Projecting Change began with showcasing pictures of endangered animals with the help of San Francisco based Obscura Digital to highlight the alarming rate at which species are dying. The installation ended with the representation of Kali.The image of Cecil The Lion was also part of the installation. Cecil was one of the oldest and most famous lions in Zimbabwe, and was allegedly killed by an American hunter recently.

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Why Goddess Kali took over Empire State building in New York City