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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Friday said the government would come out with a system allowing retailers to open multiple outlets by following basic guidelines and getting clearance from a single point. During a meeting at the Secretariat, retailers requested the Chief Minister to devise a system which will simplify the process and enable them to open new outlets through some basic guidelines every time they want to set up shop.Under the current policy, if a retailer has to open a shop in one city/town, he has to get several clearances each time he sets up a shop in a particular town or city, they said. Responding to this, the Chief Minister said, “Once a retailer gets approval in the state, a system will be designed to enable the retailer to open multiple outlets just by informing the single-desk (for clearances) and by following basic guidelines.” Naidu also asked retailers to work on a draft retail policy (that will include best practices from across the country) with the government of Andhra Pradesh. On retailers’ suggestion of setting up ‘retail zones’ in the state, the Chief Minister asked them to come up with a plan of action on this. On their request, the Chief Minister gave a nod to 365-day working of outlets but said retailers have to abide by labour laws and create a shift system for employees. Explaining that Andhra Pradesh is poised to become international logistics hub, Naidu asked retailers to encourage manufacturers to set up units in the state. The Chief Minister also added that retailers could source food from local areas (for marine, agriculture and dairy products) and sell them for local consumption. This will not only increase local consumption but also bring in revenues. Pointing out that retailers face logistics challenges, the CM suggested them to bring in world-renowned experts from the field and work on introducing logistics courses in colleges and Universities. Also Read: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister unveils ‘smart village’ plan

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Will grant single window clearance for retail ventures: Andhra Pradesh CM N Chandrababu Naidu