Vishva Hindu Parishad President Praveen Togadia on Wednesday said his organisation would not allow anymore conversion of Hindus and urged Muslims to return to the Hindu-fold. “We will not allow anymore conversion of Hindus… In the last ten years, VHP saved about ten lakh Hindus from conversion,” Togadia said addressing a public meeting in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh.Inviting Muslims in UP and rest of the country to return to the Hinduism, Togadia said, “The day they do it, I would welcome them myself.” Criticising what he described as “anti-Hindu” policies of the UP government, he claimed that education of the Muslim children was being funded by it. “The government should also give money for education of Hindu children,” he said.He claimed the state government doles out Rs 22,000 per person for Hajj (annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca) but gives no money for pilgrimage to Hindu holy places. Togadia said that no Hindu farmer would be allowed to die of hunger and no Hindu patient would die for want of medical aid as VHP has constituted a team of doctors for the purpose.He also said that VHP would celebrate its golden jubilee in the country only when the Ram temple comes up in Ayodhya.

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Will not allow conversion of Hindus says VHP chief Pravin Togadia